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Meridian Asset Management assists investors with a full range of investments acquisition. We also provide free information to help investors choose their acquisitions. Our website contains helpful information such as precious metal spot prices and charts information for our more popular bullion products.

Meridian traces its corporate history to 1991. We are proud to have continuously served investors for over 24 years. We consider ourselves highly qualified consultants on a wide variety of precious metals and investment vehicles on a daily basis.

We also offer an accumulation program that enables clients to acquire their investment on a regular monthly program. The accumulation program allows you to decide the dollar amount ($5,000/month minimum) of your monthly acquisition. It is convenient and puts the power of dollar cost averaging to work for you.

With a strong financial footing, Meridian has prospered through recessions as well as booms. Meridian's financial statements are audited annually by an internationally recognized independent certified public accounting firm.


DIVERSIFICATION: We recommend that bullion be part of a diversified investment portfolio. We believe that bullion is appropriate for 15% to 30% of a portfolio.

HOLDING PERIOD: If you are purchasing bullion for investment purposes, it should be considered a long-term investment. We believe that bullion should be held for at least 3 to 5 years and, preferably, 5 to 10 years to maximize your potential for gains. Any specific holding period may be affected by current market conditions which may require a longer or shorter holding period.

LIQUIDATION/BUY-BACK POLICY: When you decide to sell your bullion, we appreciate the opportunity to purchase them at our current bid/buy price. Although you are free to sell to private individuals on your own, we believe that you will receive a higher net amount by selling to us because we are familiar with the marketability of bullion, and do not charge any additional fees or commissions other than the .5% liquidation fee when making such purchases.

STORAGE: Meridian stores client holdings in a depository of its choice and may change depositories without prior notice. Meridian may co-mingle your holdings with those of other clients and acknowledges that you own a specific, but undivided interest in such holdings to the extent of the quantity you have purchased. No fee is charged for storage. Details and limitations can be found in Meridian's Account and Storage Agreement.

RISK: All investments involve risk - bullion are no exception. The precious metals markets are speculative, unregulated and volatile and prices for these items may rise or fall over time. Meridian does not guarantee that any client buying for investment purposes will be able to sell for a profit in the future. However we do guarantee the principal investment of all clients upon purchase.

The value of a bullion is largely determined by the current spot or market price of bullion. This price fluctuates throughout the trading day.

We do not recommend early withdrawal from accounts or securities which may result in substantial loss of unearned interested or profits. Meridian is not responsible for any changes in tax laws or other statutes which may affect any profit of your investment.

BULLION PURCHASES: Bullion may only be acquired with bank wire or cashier's check (dollar limits may apply to certain payment options). Meridian will only provide a firm price for your purchase upon receipt and verification of funds.

ACCOUNT EXECUTIVES: The Account Executives at Meridianare generally commissioned salespersons. Their commissions are usually small bullion related products. Their work experience, knowledge, background, and training vary widely. They and/or Meridian may receive, from time to time, undisclosed compensation for recommending specific bullion investments (including but not limited to contests, cooperative advertising).

LIQUIDITY: Of the products that we sell, bullion generally are very liquid.

GROWTH PROJECTIONS: Meridian may advise clients about forecasts made by members of our staff or third parties regarding the future prices of precious metals or the products sold by Meridian. In making those projections, Meridian's staff members will normally consider the following factors:

  • Past performance: While past performance is a useful guide, it is not a guarantee of future results. We frequently assume that if bullion made gains under certain economic conditions in the past, they have the potential to appreciate when similar conditions exist in the future.
  • Economic forecasts: It is impossible to predict future price trends or economic conditions. However, we apply research, common sense, and logic in an effort to forecast future trends. We believe these trends are a useful guide in evaluating the future potential of bullion.
  • Supply and demand: We believe that fundamental market forces will generally prevail. Therefore, we take into consideration changing supply and demand factors and our expectation of future trends of supply and demand.

There is no assurance that our growth projections will be achieved and it is also possible for prices to decline. We do not guarantee our forecasts or projections, but we strive to provide you with analysis that we believe is well thought out and sincerely reflects our opinion.

FOR YOUR PROTECTION: Telephone calls may be monitored and/or recorded in an effort to assure quality control and policy compliance.

Your privacy is important to us. If at any time you no longer wish to be contacted by a Meridian representative, please call or write to us via regular mail, email or fax and ask to be placed on our Do Not Call list.

If at any time you receive information that is inconsistent or contrary to the information contained on this page or Meridian's Account and Storage Agreement, you should immediately contact Meridian's Director of Business Affairs at compliance@meridianam.com. Please do not proceed with any transaction until your questions or concerns have been fully answered.

Your payment options are: Bank wire, cashiers check and money orders. Please no Traveler's Checks. Please do not send cash.

Our Risk Disclosure document is updated periodically. It is the responsibility of the client to keep up to date by checking our website at www.meridianam.com.

SUMMARY: We strongly recommend that you acquire a sound understanding of precious metals markets before you make your first purchase. Be prepared to invest some time and effort into understanding the market. Do not commit more than 30% of your investment funds to bullion. Protect your future with a diversified portfolio that meets your objectives for safety, liquidity, and growth. Be prepared to hold your bullion investments for a minimum of 3 to 5 years, recognizing that all markets have their ups and downs. Perform your due diligence and let reason and common sense be your guide.

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