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Meridian Asset Management private client Advisors offer a pre-eminent standard of professional service and advice. Our client Advisors and research analysts work as a team, assessing investment opportunities on a daily basis.

Our client Advisors will assist you to understand the outlook for a wide variety of hard asset investment strategies. They can guide you to build a portfolio which is appropriate for your investment objectives, financial situation and particular needs.

Meridian Asset Management has access to major international mines. Your client Advisors will facilitate the execution of transactions by acquiring product directly from mines that we have carefully negotiated contracts with.  

Our client Advisors are licensed to outline both the features and benefits of using this market, including options as part of your overall investment strategy. Your client Advisors can help to assess the appropriateness of the entering and exiting these markets as part of a well timed investment portfolio. Click here for more details on Metals.

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