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Meridian Asset Management private client Advisors offer a pre-eminent standard of professional service and advice. Our client Advisors and research analysts work as a team, assessing investment opportunities on a daily basis.

Our client Advisors will assist you to understand the outlook for a wide variety of hard asset investment strategies. They can guide you to build a portfolio which is appropriate for your investment objectives, financial situation and particular needs.

Meridian Asset Management has access to major international mines. Your client Advisors will facilitate the execution of transactions by acquiring product directly from mines that we have carefully negotiated contracts with.  

Our client Advisors are licensed to outline both the features and benefits of using this market, including options as part of your overall investment strategy. Your client Advisors can help to assess the appropriateness of the entering and exiting these markets as part of a well timed investment portfolio.

Surety bonds are forms of guarantees and under a surety, a third party becomes liable upon the default of the principal, who is the debtor or guaranteed party. Surety bonds are intended to satisfy security requirements and to protect against financial risk. We place both conditional and unconditional surety bonds for international projects. Our expertise is offered to multinational clients seeking contract guarantees and commercial bonds on a global basis. The clients we serve range from all sectors including construction, trade and financial services, private lenders, high net worth individuals, real estate and oil and gas. In many countries, our bonds are accepted as an alternative to traditional bank guarantees. We can provide surety bonds for obligations held in trust, and those imposed by protection acts and tax obligations.

Our $300 million bonding capacity gives us the flexibility and scale to support diverse industries. A rigorous approach is applied and through our understanding of this important credit tool, we are able to assist a wide range of clients in many fields.

We provide a myriad of services which include the following: merger & acquisition transactions, private placements, performance escrow indemnification, initial offerings/subscription deposits, project finance escrows, paying agent services, cash escrow, tri-party escrow, document escrow, computer source code escrow, payment bond alternative, international surety bonds, commercial purchase & sale closings, lien andd judgment holdbacks, leasehold deposits, construction or build out deposits, construction holdbacks, limited liability partnership offerings, installment payments for purchase contracts, oil well production fund escrow, vendor verification of cash funds prior to shipping product or service delivery. We also deal with sale of goods or services where the parties have no prior relationship with one another. These escrows can be used to insure payments upon written instructions, when time is of the essence, as in real estate transactions or where disbursements are required after an initial agreement.

We are a trusted resource for investment bankers and corporate finance firms. Our company's in-depth experience combines with expert personalized service and innovative escrow options meet the needs of clients. The group tailors services for mergers and acquisitions, private placements, indemnification, or business escrow requiring paying agent services. Our settlement services banking solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of attorneys, firms and administrators handling a variety of areas, including; class action settlements, mass-torts, simple to complex attorney-focused fiduciary banking solutions. We provide a broad range of customizable solutions, a commitment to building relationships and access to decision-makers.

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